The Adderbury 14-Piece Stainless Steel Cutlery Set are dishwasher Safe (Hand Washing is suggested) which features stainless steel blades, polyoxymethylene & Rubberised handles, a mirrored polish, and a wood block for convenient storage on your kitchen counter.   


Features: •  Stainless Steel Blades •  Mirror Polished •  Natural Wood Storage Block •  Dishwasher Safe (Hand Washing is suggested)   


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The Oster Baldwyn Stainless Steel 14-piece cutlery set is made with high-quality mirror-polished stainless steel featuring fine edge blades and black polypropylene handles.   


Features •  Mirror Polished        •  Stainless Steel Blades             •  Triple Rivet Bakelite Handle •  Stainless Steel Blades     •  Mahogany Rubber Wood Storage Block •  Dishwasher Safe (Hand Washing is suggested)     


Features: •  Stainless Steel Blades •  Polyoxymethylene & Rubberised Handles •  Mirror Polished •  Bamboo Storage Tray •  Dishwasher Safe (Hand Washing is suggested)  


Features: •  22 Piece Set •  Polyoxymethylene Handles •  Brushed Satin Blades • Rubberwood Storage Block •  Dishwasher Safe (Hand Washing is suggested)  


The Sunbeam Westmont 13-piece Stainless Steel cutlery set serves virtually all your cutlery needs and stores in a stylish, hardwood counter block. These knives feature molded polypropylene handles with TPR Soft Touch for a secure 'anti-slip' grip, with contours for secure handling and comfort, and durable stainless steel blades with full tang and a micro serrated edge for optimal cutting performance that never needs sharpening.